Saint Michael's College Magazine, Spring/Summer 2019

In our Spring/Summer 2019 issue of the Saint Michael’s College Magazine, we look at ethics and how the College tackles the issue in the classroom, in student life and after graduation. 

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Ethics vs. Morals: James Fallon '69, H'02 (page 3)

Soul-Building: Teaching Ethics in Philosophy and Psychology (page 6)

Confronting Ethical Dilemmas on Campus (page 14) 

A Relationship with Nature (page 16)

Beyond the Bottom Line: Teaching Economics and Business Ethics (page 18)

Social Media: Setting Boundaries (page 21) 

New Branding - Saint Michael's New Look (page 22)

Academic Integrity (page 24)

Ethical Issues in Computer Science: Supporting the Public Good (page 28)

What Would Mom Do? Developing a Moral Compass in the Sciences (page 30)

Adieu Founders Hall (page 33)

Beyond Black and White: Ethical Journalism (page 34)

Global Vision: Royal Hartigan '68 (page 36)

Catholicism and Feminism: Markey finds a way to inhabit the nexus (page 38)

Reunion 2019 (page 42)

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