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Dion Family Student Center

The newest additions to the Saint Michael's campus, the Dion Family Student Center and the Quad Commons Residential Hall, were built in the middle of the traditional first-year residential quad that dates back half a century, combining new and old buildings into a space for all students to enjoy. How you use these new spaces is completely up to you! You might:

Take up Residence

The Dion Family Student Center is connected to the Quad Commons: the newest residence area on campus. Four floors house up to 105 students in suites of four single bedrooms with two bathrooms. There are also a few single rooms with private bathrooms. If you're interested in GREAT housing, Ambassador housing, or Honors housing, this might be the place for you.

Grab a bagel and coffee at Einstein's Cafe 

Located on the first floor of the student center, Einstein's is the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat, or refill your coffee mug before class. In the mood for something a bit more substantial while you study or head to the digital lounge to watch a movie with friends? We've got you covered; the Cafe also houses a grill that serves weekly specials ranging from specialty burgers, to nachos, to deep fried ice cream. 

Head up to the Fitness Center for a quick workout

In addition to housing the Student Services Offices, a radio station where students can host their own radio shows and a game lounge, the second floor of the student center features a new fitness center that functions as an extension of the workout facilities in the Tarrant Recreation Center.  It's conveniently located in the center of campus, and is a great space to get in a light workout or cardio session.

Relax in the Solarium

The solarium is on the third floor of the student center, and features high arched ceilings, plenty of comfy chairs and tables to help you relax or get homework done, and a spectacular view. An inter-faith prayer room adds to the over all peaceful feeling of the third floor study lounge.

Student Center

1st floor:

  • Café
  • Social lounge
  • Grille
  • Digital lounge

2nd floor:

  • Fitness center
  • Meeting spaces
  • Student Services offices
  • Game Lounge
  • Student radio station studio

3rd floor:

  • Multi-purpose room to seat 400; or to serve 225 at tables
  • Mediation/interface room
  • Solarium with mezzanine

Residence Hall

  • Four floors
  • 105 beds
  • 15 single rooms
  • Two RA rooms
  • 22 four-person suites

  • Energy software continuously monitoring for most efficient use of energy supply
  • Heating and cooling through geothermal heat pump system, which is "as close to free cooling as you can get."
  • Roof insulation 50% greater than code requirements
  • High performance triple pane windows for highest comfort and energy efficiency
  • Lighting: 60% high-efficiency fluorscent; 40% LED (light emitting diode) lights which can reduce energy use by up to 30%
  • Daylight dimming technology throughout, balancing interior lighting with natural daylight
  • Occupancy sensors to turn off lights when spaces are unoccupied

The building is modeled to perform at a rate 55% better than current, energy-code compliant buildings, and at a better efficiency than a LEED certified building.

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