Edmundite Christmas Message

December, 2017

Dear Alumni, Parents and Friends,

Often times during the Christmas and Easter seasons I mention in homilies three foundational doctrines of our faith: Creation, Incarnation and Redemption. God created us out of love so that we may love God in return and love each other. God so loved us that in the mystery of the Incarnation God became one of us in all things but sin. Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus we are saved and return to God in the banquet of heaven. These three doctrines pretty much cover all the essentials of our faith and we cannot really have one without the others. They are interrelated and flow into one another.

During the Christmas season, we ponder specifically the mystery of the Incarnation. It is easy to lose sight of the sense of mystery amidst the barrage of retail marketing. However, the birth of Jesus changed the world and we as followers of the risen Christ are called to change the world as well in how we make a difference in the communities where we live and work. 

May the mystery of the Incarnation which we celebrate at Christmas inspire us to live the teachings of Jesus the best we can. And may the joy created by the birth of the Christ child centuries ago be ours today and throughout the New Year. On behalf of all of us in the Edmundite Community and our Campus Ministry/Move staff, we wish you a merry Christmas and God’s choicest blessings in 2018!


Fr. Brian

Rev. Brian J. Cummings, S.S.E.’86
Director of Edmundite Campus Ministry

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