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Poster & Digital Presentations

Saint Michael's students will present over 100 posters and/or digital presentations on subjects ranging from the effect of acid-mine drainage to the impact of traumatic brain injuries on student's learning and pragmatic therapies for returning veterans. 

All of these presentations can be viewed on Saturday, April 27, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Dion Student Center.

Here is a full list of presenters: 


Bradley Anair, ’19: Co-Expression of Proctolin and Glutamate in the Central and Peripheral Nervous System of Cupiennius salei
Richard Baccei, ’19, Julia Bedini, ’19, Lily Mello, ’20, Timothy Kinville, ’19:
Intraspecific Behaviors Displaying Dominance and Hierarchy between Vultures in the Everglades
Allina Bennet, ’19 and James Modic, ’19:
Towards an Understanding of the Regulatory Network that Governs the Maize  Sucrose Transporter SUT1
Kyle Berry, ’21, Jordan Foulds, ’19, Ashley McCormick, ’20:
American Alligator Behavior and Thermoregulation in the Everglades
Brynn Clory, ’20, Joseph Brach, ’19, Geoffrey Stewart, ’20, Kayla Riordan, ’22:
Factors Affecting Epiphyte Distribution on Two Hardwood Hammocks in the Everglades
Lauren Dunn, ’20, Risa Berman, ’20:
Effects of Logs on Wildlife Species Richness and Abundance in the Saint Michael’s College Natural Area  
Dyanna Martin, ’20, Spencer Roberge, ’20, Katherine Lynch, ’21, Rebecca Kuttner, ’20:
Sociality of Wading Birds during Feeding and Roosting at Eco Pond in the Everglades
Spencer Roberge, ’20:
Differences in Abundance and Richness among Two Lake Champlain Bays and the Inland Sea
Nicholas Sette, ’19: The Effect of Leek Moth Herbivory on Onion Yield  


Ryan Andreoletti, ’20, Aleksandra Apkarian, ’19, Alec Guzaukas, ’20, Abigail Ramsay, ’20: Amazon Incorporated
Brady Channell, ’19, Hadan Jordan, ’20, Ryan Ramos, ’20:
Anheuser-Busch, LLC 
Riley Mitiguy, ’19, Elizabeth Sandberg, ’20, Yuran Tian, ’19, Samuel Vaal, ’19:
AT&T Incorporated 
Francesca D’Elia, ’19, Eric Deblasio, ’19, Cassandra Falone, ’19, Liam Schmelzle, ’19:
Costco Wholesale Corporation
John Bannon, ’20, Jacob Kent, ’20, Declan Shreenan, ’19:
FedEx Corporation 
Annie Brozini, ’20, Lane Gannon, ’19, William Guarente, ’20, Connor McGuirk, ’19:
Ford Motor Corporation 
Liam Anderson, ’20, James Barker, ’19, Emily Clinch, ’19, Brett Gruber, ’19:
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Diego Calderon, ’20, Brian Flanagan, ’20, Randall Forlemu, ’20, Jacquelyn Winkler, ’20:
McDonald’s Corporation 
Liam Cahill, ’20, Coleman Maguire, ’20, Sullivan Miele, ’20, Delaney Paterson, ’19:
Southwest Airline Co. 
Hayley Craddock, ’19, Nicholas Cristello, ’20, Zachery Keller, ’20, Dante Wentz, ’20:
Walt Disney Corporation 


Allison Bauman, ’19: The Effects of Red and White Wines on the Removal of the Deleterious Amyloid Beta 1-42 (Aß 1-42) Protein from the Human Brain
Marissa Berry, ’19: The Use of a P. falciparum Specific Coiled-Coil Domain to Construct a Self-Assembling Protein  Nanoparticle Vaccine to Prevent Malaria
Samantha Delaney, ’19: Analyzing the Binding of a Zinc Finger Protein to its Target DNA
Austin Flueckiger, ’19: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Soil around Coal-Fired Power Plants in Shandong, China
Austin Flueckiger, ’19: Determination of PAH levels in Lake Champlain Sediment
Emily Joyce, ’19:
Distribution of Serotonergic 5-HT4 Receptor throughout the Gastrointestinal Tract
Evan Lagerberg, ’19: Glucose Phosphorylated on Carbon 6 Suppresses Lipopolysaccharide Binding to Lipopolysaccharide- Binding Protein and Inhibits its Bioactivities
Mitchell McDonald, ’19: Analysis of the Erythropoietin of a Tibetan Plateau Schizothoracine Fish (Gymnocypris Dobula)  Reveals Enhanced Cytoprotection Function in Hypoxic Environments
Meghan Meyers, ’19: Characterizing Organic Residues on Ceramics by Direct Analysis in Real Time Time-of-Flight Mass  Spectrometry'
Meghan Meyers, ’19: Analysis of Sucrose, Glucose, and Fructose Present in Maple Sap and Syrup
Haley Poitras, ’19: Combining Sorption Experiments and Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry to Study the  Adsorption of Propranolol onto Environmental Solid Matrices-Influence of Copper (II)
Linara Safarova, ’19: Fear No More! There is a Solution for Particulate Matter
Erin Schober, ’19: Mechanical and Biochemical Effects of Progesterone as a Preventative Treatment for Preterm Birth
Amanda Spink, ’19: A Method for Producing Conductive Graphene Biopolymer Nanofibrous Fabrics by Exploitation of an Ionic Liquid Dispersant in Electrospinning
Matthew Thompson, ’19: The Impact of Superoxide Dismutase on the Presence of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Emma Timmel, ’19: The Isolation and Incorporation of Waste-Derived Phosphocholine Zwitterion into CsPbI3 Thin Films for Photovoltaic Application
Samuel Vaal, ’19: Spatial Disparity of Heavy Metals within Contaminated Areas of the Ompompanoosuc River Using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Erin Williams, '18: Analysis of the Folding and Misfolding of Shadoo by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) 
Gregory Williams, ’19: Enhanced performance of Microbial Fuel Cells Using Genetically Modified E. coli 


Emalee Garboski, ’19: How to Save both the Planet and Money: The Threat of Coastal Climate Change
Kara Hettinger, ’19:
Using Organic Carbon Content and pH Values to Assess Soil Health at Saint Michael’s College Permaculture Site
Sarah Rodgers, ’19: Campus Food Security and the Role of the Campus Farm 


Jennifer Burke, ’19: Acting in “Machinal”
Emma Drennen, ’19: Acting and Dramaturgy “No Exit”
Owen Freeman, ’19: Acting and Lighting Design
Molly Lovell, ’19: Acting in "A Doll’s House"
Jeremy Mikaelson aka Weiguo Yu, ’19: Creating and Performing in "Supernatural" A Magic Show
Alaina Shelzi, ’19: Costume Design for “A Bright Room Called Day" 


ART on OBJECT projects from MJD311 Advanced Digital and Graphic Design, Dr. Kimberly Sultze

McKelvey Ayres, ’19: Citrus Summer
Brandon Bielinski, ’19:
Addicting by Design
Victoria Bradford, ’21:
Vermont by Day and by Night
Meg Friel, ’21:
Home at a Glance
Liam Grant, ’19:
Jek & Bred and Other Miscellaneous Work Michael FX Halligan, ’22: Sendy Skis
Erin Hammer, ’22: Poppy
Jason Heter, ’21: Endless Horizon
Mike Savoie, ’19: Shadow Lamp  


Christiana Akiki, ’19: The Effects of SSRIs in Pregnant Women and Their Influence on Infant Speech Development
Ellie Clark, ’19: An Examination of the Culpability of Individuals Committing Crimes with Impaired Brain Functions
Emily Durette, ’19: The Effects of Exercise on Brain Injury Recovery
Hannah Krelehy, ’19: The Brain Behind Bars: The Effects of Incarceration on Inmates
Neil MacLellan, ’19: Neurocinematics and the Consumer
Brianna Puleo, ’19: Physical Exercise Used as an Alternative to SSRIs
Jennifer Uribe, ’19: Bilingualism, Neuroplasticity, and U.S. Education: A Push for Change in a Monolingual Education System within a Growing Multilingual World


Ian Bennett, ’19: Going with the Flow: Experiments with a Tesla Valve
Molly Feeney, ’19: Into the Looking Glass
Matthew Gipson, ’19: Where did I leave that Satellite?
Danielle Markowski, ’20: Trouble at the Boundary
Colin Myrick, ’20: Singular Solutions of Hall Magnetohydrodynamics
Paul Stumpf, ’19: Jumping into Order 


Marlon Hyde, ’21, Alexandra Stewart, ’21: Diversity and Inclusion in the Saint Michael’s College Adventure Sports Center


Joshua Abernethy, ’19: Refugee Children and Academics: Are They at a Disadvantage?
Monica Austin, ’19: Homeless and Not by Choice: Fostering Resilience in Youth Affected by Trauma
Neva Callaghan, ’19: Healing in the Classroom: Supporting Adolescents in the Wake of Trauma
Emily Chabot, ’19: Can't Ask, Can't Tell: Domestic Violence & Being LGBTQIA+
Jessie Clegg, ’19: The Effects of Engaging in the Arts on Dementia Patients and Their Caretakers
Polly Corbett, ’19: The Stress Manifesto: The Behavioral Manifestation of Trauma Induced Stress in Children
Jessica Costa, ’19: The Impact of Restorative Justice Practice on Youth Offenders
Hannah Delohery, ’19: Maladaptive Behaviors of Refugee Adolescents Who Have Experienced Trauma
Amanda Dombroski, ’19: An Existential Approach to Cross-Cultural Counseling in Refugee Populations
Ellen Emers, ’19: “Your body will fail you," they said. What Flaws in the Children's Hospice System Can Teach Special Educators and Resiliency Parallels between Dying Children and Traumatized Ones
John Eng, ’19: The Traumatized Personality and Mindset
Nicholas Gibney, ’19: NFI Vermont: Supporting Families through Trauma
Caroline Hart, ’19: Addressing Trauma in an Elementary School Setting
Brianna Lambert, ’19: A Healing Voice: The Application of Music Therapy at Steps to End Domestic Violence
Conor Macias, ’19: Academic Performance in Children with ADHD: How Does Medication Play a Role?
Alexandra Onorato, ’19: The “E” Word: The Stigma Behind Labelling “Emotional Disturbance” in Our Schools
Kathryn O'Sullivan, ’19: Beyond Burnout: The Effects of Vicarious Trauma on Healing Professionals
Kaitlin Reilly, ’19: Familial Factors Contributing to Emotional Disturbances in Children
Christopher Spodick, ’19: The Importance of Perspective in Restorative Justice
Susanna van Rooyen, ’19: Ability within Disability
Morgan Vasseur, ’19: Advantages of Integrating Social and Emotional Skills in Education
Emily Wright, ’19: Ways to Support Refugee Children in the United States Early Education Centers


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