Making Cents of Tuition Dollars

Saint Michael's 'Making Cents of Tuition Dollars' explains list vs. actual price, the cost breakdown of college tuition, and the outcomes families can expect.
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Figuring out actual college costs can be a challenging proposition.
We're here to make cents of it all.

Your family can afford the St. Mike's experience.

Students from all economic backgrounds
join the St. Mike's family.

Household/Family income distribution for enrolled students (2015)


How much does Saint Michael's cost?

How does Saint Michael's match up?

Comparative Cost of Attendance (2018-2019)

(Tuition, Room, Board and Fees)


Still seem like a scary price?

Here's the Breakdown


$57,595 is the 2018-2019 list price, but for most families, the actual cost can be much less.

We'll walk you through the possibilities of making cents of your tuition dollars.

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Merit Scholarships

First, deduct any Merit Scholarships or Grants from the price.
This is money that you do NOT need to repay. At Saint Michael's
all accepted students are automatically considered for merit awards.
Unlike some schools, St. Mike's will not decrease your Merit 
Scholarship over your four academic years. 

Visit campus and become eligible for our annual $1000 VISIT GRANT!

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Need-Based Scholarships and Federal Grants

Next, deduct Need-Based Scholarships and Federal Grants,
which are based on data from the Free Application for Federal
Student Aid (FAFSA). The average amount for students who
qualify is $12,000. This is also money that you don't need to repay.
The FAFSA is now available on October 1 of a student's senior
year making it easier to apply early for need-based aid.

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Deduct student loans. All students qualify for Federal Student
Loans of at least $5500 in their first year.



Once you apply these deductions, you're left with the actual cost of tuition.

What can you expect your actual tuition cost to be?

Honestly, Tuition Cost Varies


The average financial aid package for incoming Saint Michael's students in 2016 was $34,680.
(This includes everything except Private Student Loans, Parent Loans, and Outside Scholarships.)

Don't forget, you get an annual $1000 grant for an official visit to Saint Michael's!

Get an estimate of what you can expect to pay by
visiting our NET PRICE CALCULATOR and then 

Will astronomical six-figure loans be in your future?

Not if we have anything to say about it...

The average student loan debt of all four years at St. Mike’s for the graduating class of 2017 was $30,700.
The average national student loan debt is over $37,000.

23% of Saint Michael's students graduate with NO debt at all!

We understand that is still a significant amount of money.

Here is how you will repay it:


St. Mike's produces successful responsible graduates who experience a great return on investment.


100% of St. Mike's students have participated in an experiential learning program
that includes internships, study abroad experiences, undergraduate research
and/or service learning courses that prepare them for post-grad success.

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Statistics pulled from the Saint Michael's College Class of 2015 First Destinations Survey.

As a result, Saint Michael's grads are able to pay back their loans.

Take a look at these loan default rates among graduates:

What will a Saint Michael's experience give you?

Intellect – Imagination – Empathy – Will

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