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Saint Michael’s can prepare you for success in law school and for a variety of careers, both in and out of the legal system.  Our alumni hold positions as defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges, as well as legal counsel for corporations, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies, and have careers in politics and advocacy organizations.

 Law schools do not recommend any one major as a prerequisite for admission, and therefore there is no specific pre-law major at Saint Michael's. Students instead are encouraged to develop an educational program that is both broad and liberal in the classic sense. Students interested in pursuing law should select college courses geared to the development of a broad cultural background and habits of thoroughness, intellectual curiosity and scholarship. In the past, Saint Michael’s students have found that a major in English, history, philosophy, or political science works well to provide pre-law preparation.

Course Selection

Courses in literature, language, speech, composition, logic and semantics are all important to the pre-law student in that they each cultivate skills that are necessary for success in a law program. Pre-law students should consider taking courses that offer a variety of reading assignments and a large volume of well-directed class discussions. They should also seek courses that will allow them to have ample opportunity to prepare and criticize written and oral reports.

Guidance for the Pre-law Student

Students may obtain advice on law as a career and the law school admission process by meeting with one of the College’s pre-law advisors or a career counselor in the Career Development Office. Counselors are available by appointment to assist students in making career decisions and in securing needed information.  Pre-law students are also encouraged to make use of the career literature and pre-law references that are available there.

Informational meetings are held in the fall for pre-law students featuring local attorneys and alumni who are now in law school. These lawyers volunteer their time to describe their law school experiences to our pre-law students and to answer questions.

Finally, pre-law students are encouraged to participate in an internship at a local law firm, the State Attorney's Office, or the State Governor's Office in order to gain practical experience in the field of law.

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Pre-law students are encouraged to participate in internships at a local law firm, the State Attorney’s Office, or the State Governor’s Office in order to gain practical experience in the field of law. 

Vermont Law School

Saint Michael’s has a special admission agreement with Vermont Law School for entry into its Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Environmental Law and Policy (MELP), and Joint JD/MELP degree programs.

Law schools where Saint Michael's applicants were recently accepted

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The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law
Charlotte School of Law
Cornell Law School
Drexel University School of Law
Emory University School of Law
Florida Coastal School of Law
Georgetown University Law Center
University of Maine School of Law
University of Massachusetts School of Law-Dartmouth
New England Law-Boston
University of New Hampshire School of Law
Northeastern University School of Law
Notre Dame Law School
Quinnipiac University School of Law
Roger Williams University School of Law
St. Thomas University School of Law-Miami
University of St. Thomas School of Law-Minneapolis
Santa Clara University School of Law
University of San Diego School of Law
Suffolk University Law School
Thomas Jefferson School of Law
University of Tulsa College of Law
Vermont Law School
West Virginia University College of Law
Western New England University School of Law

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