Health Care Administration

The Health Care Administration minor serves students who are interested in working in management in hospitals and health care systems. Our program provides students with general leadership skills, the ability to study and decipher important analytics, and management skills.

What is Health Care Administration?

Health care administrators work in health-related settings such as hospitals, health care systems, and hospital networks to provide the analytics, leadership, and management necessary to administer these entities. 

The Health Care Administration prepares graduates for work in this field through courses in management, financial analysis, and health care industry analysis.

The Health Care Administration minor requires BU 103 Managerial Ethics, one course from each of three content areas (Management, Financial Analysis and Health Care Industry Analysis) and one additional elective in any of the three content areas.

Choose one course from each of the following categories: 


  • BU 214 - Management
  • BU 321 - Human Resources Management (requires BU 214 as a pre-requisite)
  • HC XXX courses: Overview of Healthcare Systems Management, or Health Care Project Management

Financial Analysis

  • AC 143 - Managerial Accounting
  • AC 250 - Non-profit Accounting
  • HC XXX - Financial Courses such as Healthcare Accounting, Healthcare Financial Management, or Analysis of Health Care Information Systems

Health Care Industry Analysis

  • HC XXX - Analysis of Health Care Market (new course)
  • HC XXX - Integrative Business Strategy for Health Services (new course) 
  • HC XXX - Health Care System and Design and Innovation (new course)
  • HC XXX - Health Care Law (new course)

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