Want to get ahead in your academic career? Think summer. Six weeks: May 20 – June 28, 2019

Summer Session 1 of the Accelerated Summer College (ASC) is an intensive and robust learning experience that offers students up to eight credits (two classes) in six weeks. Summer Session 1, running May 20 - June 28, 2019, has courses that meet both on-campus and run 100% online. Many courses that meet on-campus have large online components as well. To see course descriptions, click here. Click here to see the cost of course materials per course. See below for more information regarding delivery type.

Course Code Course Name Instructor Delivery Method
AC 141 Financial Accounting Steve Doyon Hybrid
AN 109 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Patricia Delaney Hybrid
AR 382 Wood Furniture Design & Construction Brian Collier Face - to - Face
BI 108 Human Nutrition Jim Willard Hybrid
BI 153 Introduction to Cell Biology and Genetics Ruth Fabian-Fine Online*
BI 207 Human Anatomy and Physiology Paul Constantino Online
BU 215 Marketing Robert Letovsky Online
EC 101 Principles of Macroeconomics Reza Ramazani Hybrid
EN 110 The American Dream Robert Niemi Online
ES 107 Environmental Science David Heroux Online*
ID 498 Internship Practicum Paul Olsen Online
MJD 215 Photography and Tourism Jerry Swope Hybrid
PH 103 Introduction to Philosophy Patrick Standen Hybrid
PO 261 European Political Thought Shefali Misra Hybrid
PS 110 Lifespan Development Melissa VanderKaay Tomasulo Online
PS 252 Child Development Renee Carrico Hybrid
ST 120 Elementary Statistics Warren Sides Online


*BI 153: Introduction to Cell Biology and Genetics and ES 107: Environmental Science both meet on-campus during week one of Summer Session 1, but then transition to 100% online courses. More specific information can be found on the course catalog page

Face-to-Face: These on campus courses meet primarily face-to-face and have homework and assignments due outside of class time.

Hybrid: On campus courses that meet face-to-face, but are supplemented with online learning. Face time is reduced in hybrid courses, meaning more work is done in an online setting.

Online: Courses that are non-synchronous and meet 100% online.

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