Currently in the Military?

Accelerated Summer College

Currently in the military? Want to get ahead in your academic career? Think summer at Saint Michael's College.

Summer at Saint Michael's is now more flexible than ever, with per credit pricing that matches most Tuition Assistance programs. Our expansive course catalog features both on-campus and online courses in our Summer Session 1 and Summer Session 2. Current military members are eligible to complete up to two courses in each session at a reduced rate of  $1,000 per course ($250/credit + course material fees, estimated to be $75-$100 per course). Active duty members may also qualify for tuition assistance. The discount rate is available for our hybrid/on-campus courses or our 100% online courses. Courses offered include:

Summer Session 1: May 20 - June 28*

Course Code Course Name Delivery Method
AC 141 Financial Accounting Hybrid
AN 109 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Hybrid
AR 382 Wood Furniture Design & Construction Face - to - Face
BI 108 Human Nutrition Hybrid
BI 153 Introduction to Cell Biology and Genetics Online^
BI 207 Human Anatomy and Physiology Online
BU 215 Marketing Online
EC 101 Principles of Macroeconomics Hybrid
EN 110 The American Dream Online
ES 107 Environmental Science Online^
ID 498 Internship Practicum Online
MJD 215 Photography and Tourism Hybrid
PH 103 Introduction to Philosophy Hybrid
PO 261 European Political Thought Hybrid
PS 110 Lifespan Development Online
PS 252 Child Development Hybrid
ST 120 Elementary Statistics Online

Summer Session 2: July 1 - August 9*

Course Code Course Name Delivery Method
AC 143 Managerial Accounting Online
AR 214 Animation and Motion Graphics Online
BU 110 Personal Financial Planning Online
BU 111 Excel and Business Applications Online
BU 214 Management Online
CH 101 Concepts in Chemistry Online
HI 107 Modern Europe Online
ID 498 Internship Practicum Online
MJD 101 Media Revolutions Online
MU 247 History of Rock Online
PO 245 International Relations Online
PS 101 General Psychology Online

*Click for course descriptions and to identify CORE requirements.

^BI 153: Introduction to Cell Biology and Genetics and ES 107: Environmental Science both meet on-campus during week one of Summer Session 1, but then transition to 100% online courses. 

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