Academic Requirements

Saint Michael's College embodies the tradition of a liberal arts education which emphasizes attention to the full intellectual and spiritual development of the student, preparing them for global citizenship, stewardship of the earth, and a productive career.

Our programs in the arts, sciences, education and business administration emphasize deep understanding and effective practice. While students focus on requirements within their major or minor, they also have the flexibility to explore academic opportunities unique to their own educational plans, including: internships, international study, community-based learning and independent research.

A Saint Michael's education lasts a lifetime; therefore our curriculum is designed to graduate students with a passion for the intellectual life, a commitment to moral responsibility, and a desire to improve the human condition through socially conscious citizenship.

In order to earn the degree of Bachelor of Arts or the degree of Bachelor of Science a student must:

  1. Complete a minimum of 128 credit hours (equivalent to 32 full-courses).
  2. Complete the degree requirements of one of the established majors or a self-designed major approved by the Curriculum and Education Policy Committee.
  3. Complete the Liberal Studies Curriculum requirements.
  4. Achieve a minimum cumulative quality point average of 2.0 and a minimum of a 2.0 average in courses taken in the major.
  5. Complete a minimum of twenty-four of the last thirty-two credits at Saint Michael's.
  6. Transfer students must earn a minimum of sixty four credits at Saint Michael's College.
  7. Apply for graduation by filing an "Intent to Graduate" form at the beginning of the academic year in which the degree is expected.

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